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Keep Your Bike Running Smooth All Summer

~Oil & Filter Change
~Verify satisfactory condition and check ALL fluids
~Lube & adjust drive chain where applicable
~Adjust drive belt where applicable
~Check air filter and fuel filter
~Check battery and charging system
~Visual inspect all hoses and gaskets for leaks
~Check condition of brakes and brake system
~Check tire pressure, inspect tires for dry rot or damage
~Check operation of all cables
~Check fork seals for any leakage, inspect forks
~Verify runability of motorcycle
~Check that all lights and blinkers are working properly
~Lube any pivot points
~Run bike up to normal operating temperature and adjust idle if necessary
~Test ride motorcycle and advise customer of any needed repairs
 *****Only $169.00*****




Is Your ATV The Only Thing That Got Shot This Hunting Seasons


Fall & Winter ATV/UTV Service Special:


~Change oil & filter

~Check and test ALL fluids, including antifreeze, transmission fluid, front and rear differential fluid, and brake fluid

~Lubricate all moving parts on the suspension and drivetrain, lube chassis and grease all zerks

~Lubricate and adjust chain if necessary and where applicable

~Check all cables for proper operation such as throttle cables and brake cables. Check brake pads for wear. Inspect drive belt where applicable. Check & inspect condition of tires.

~Check and inspect air filter, fuel filter, and spark plug/plugs. Perform compression test while inspecting spark plug/plugs.

~Check and test charging system, check and test condition of the battery.

~Check over ATV for any obvious issues, test ride ATV and advise on any recommendations after complete ATV service.

ATV: *****Only $169.00*****

         UTV: *****Only $199.00*****                  




Snowmobile Services





Snowmobile Service Special:

~Completely lube chassis and suspension, grease all zerks, lubricate any moving parts

~Check and test ALL fluids, including antifreeze, chaincase fluid, oil injection oil/engine oil, and brake fluid

~Inspect the drive belt, inspect both primary and secondary clutches, check drivetrain system including chaincase drive chain and make any adjustments if necessary

~Check and inspect Slides/Hyfax and carbides or wearbars

~Inspect brake system and brake pads

~Test charging system, verify satisfactory condition of spark plugs

~Check over any obvious issues, test run and advise on any recommendations after complete service

2-Stroke *****Only $169.00*****

4-Stroke *****Only $199.00*****